Our Process

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We believe that home remodeling is a personal and collective process between client, architect and contractor.  Ongoing communication and transparency beginning with pre-construction all the way through to project completion allows us to create an enjoyable construction experience. We work hard to exceed our client’s expectations and use the following 4-phased approach to achieve success.

Phase 1: Insight
- Define project goals
- Identify client visions
- Review plans & designs
- Discuss timeline, budget etc.

Phase 2: Planning
- Request subcontractor bids for competitive pricing and value
- Create budget and detailed estimate
- Determine long-lead items & confirm product availability
- Build subcontractor schedule and construction timeline

Phase 3: Execution
- Create comfortable contractor client work environment
- Stay lock-step with architect, subcontractors, designers & city building department
- Manage sub-contractors to ensure seamless execution
- Identify and plan for shifts and challenges
- Continue open communication on budget & timeline until project is complete

Phase 4: Maintanance
- We always strive to achieve excellence and are always here for follow-up service & maintenance